Living in central Europe has one huge benefit. You can reach many countries and places in just several hours of traveling. So what did I do in 2015?

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy There is a night train from Austria to Italy. Take a nap and wake up directly by the Grand Canal in Venice. The city is quite tourists-free in January. Buy a 24 hour travel card and enjoy Venice from a boat, as we did.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsteram, Netherlands Amsterdam in early spring. Flowers, sun, relaxed atmosphere. And the seaside - have you seen the sand dunes?

Hardangervidda, Norway

Hardangervidda, Norway This landscape is a dream. You can walk for days, without seeing one car or crossing single road. Just pack some food, a tent and sleeping bag, put your boots on and start walking. It took our 7 days to cross the Hardangervidda plateau from Ustaoset to Gaustatoppen. What a trek!

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria One day stop on our road trip to Hungary. So many places to see and visit: the Hundertwasser House, Prater park, Naschmarkt, Schönbrunn Palace

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary Hungarians know for sure how to live. Delicious food and wine, picnics in parks, smiling and friendly people. Only the language is challenging.

Krk, Croatia

Krk, Croatia Yeah, I know, summer resort for lazy turists. But once you get away from beaches, you are almost alone. Running in mountains, rock climbing, walking through dry river beds and canyons…

Triglav, Slovenia

Triglav, Slovenia Back in mountains. Three days long trek from lake Bohinj to Triglav (2,864m). The highest mountain in Slovenia, surrounded by wild nature, forests and raw rocks.

Triglav, Slovenia One of chamois you can see in Triglav national park. Aren’t they beautiful?

Salzburg, Austria

Schafberg, Salzburg, Austria Austria, Alps. Here I’m home. Schafberg on the picture is one of my favourite trail-running targets. After almost two years here, I am still astonished. Is it really happening? Do I really live in so amazing landscape?