How can be ski injury converted to the best customer experience?

Last winter my girlfriend had an skiing accident. She fell, hit ski slope barrier and broke her collarbone. After that, mountain rescue was called and she was transported by snowmobile and ambulance to the hospital. Everything was very quick and professional. It was not very serious injury and she was released the same day. 

Experience one - return the ticket

After accident, it was not possible to continue skiing. And we had purchased 5 day ticket. Accident happened third day. We went to ticket office and ask, if its possible to return the ticket. And it worked! We get most of the money for the rest two days. We were really suprised. Very nice, all you need is to show medical record. It showed us, that satisfied customer is more important, than his money.

Experience two - unexpected letter

After few months, my girlfriend is healthy and almost forgot about accident. Until one sommer day. She recieved letter from Leoganger Bergbahnen. 

In Czech Republic, we are used, that no good things comes in letters. We expected another bill or something bad.

It was not bill, but nice letter, explaining, that people from Leoganger Bergbahnen are sorry what happend and hope that everything is OK now. In envelope was also map of ski slopes for next winter and chocolate bar as a sweet consolation. We didn't believe it! 

Thank you very much, people from Leoganger Bergbahnen. This is the little extra thing, that makes you better than others.

Guess, where we're going skiing next winter?


envelope letter chocolate